Welcome to Acoustic Clambake!

Jonny Flaks Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals & Harmonica

Mike Bisceglia Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals

Rocky Caron Cajon, Drums & Percussion

Upcoming events:

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We are not necessarily acoustic, nor hosting clambakes at our performances. We are:

Jonathan "Jonny" Flaks - keyboards, guitar, lead vocals harmonica: Jonny was born into a musical family in New Rochelle, NY and spent his toddler years napping under the piano while his mother played classical music. During his middle-school years of classical training, Jon took his Bar Mitzvah money and bought his first electric piano, a Rhodes, and started playing in rock bands. After graduating from Cornell University with a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in music production, Jonny hit the recording studios in New York where he cleaned ashtrays and bathrooms and learned to control the high tech gear that is all obsolete now. He churned out a catalog of original songs for Tamrak Music Publishing from an early home studio. His 15 minutes of fame was two years long, when he played organ at Madison Square Garden for the New York Rangers (and a few games for the Knicks.) Jonny performed for fifteen years with classic rockers "CC and Company," two years with "Not (Grateful) Dead Yet" and ten years with the "dance-horn-daze" tribute act, Kick Start Charlie. Jonny is engaged to be 2nd married to Kate Clough, the creative genius behind this web site, and has two adult sons he is very, very proud of, both working in the entertainment business.

Mike Bisceglia - Electric & acoustic guitars, vocals: Jon's cousin, Lisa's husband, Mike is best knows for being the long standing leader of "Band of Brothers," and delivering benefit performances year-over-year in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Mike's physical likeness to Eric Clapton is coincidental to his being inspired by the seminal rocker. Mike's influences also include Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Allman Brothers, Carlos Santana, David Gilmour, the Eagles and Grand Funk, to name a few.

Rocky Caron - Cajon, Drums & Percussion: Rocky is an established professional drummer with over 20 years of live and studio experience. Rocky recently moved to NY after touring for 14 year as the drummer for Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Artist, Johnny Lee and the Urban Cowboy Band. During his career he has been the drummer for numerous artists including: Joe Nichols, Shawna Russell, Audio Rodeo and J.Scott McCoy. Other artists he has played for include: Mickey Gilley, Darius Rucker (of Hootie and the Blowfish), the Coasters ("Charlie Brown"), the Angels ("My Boyfriend's Back") and Edwin McCain.